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We've built the fastest harvesting platform on the planet. Our large platform scale means no waiting for the plant to stop swinging. Our finely-tuned RFID system picks up Metrc tags anywhere on the platform scale without needing a line of sight. These features combined allow you to log your harvest into Metrc faster saving you from perfectly refined data entry boredom.


Most wet harvests are weighed inaccurately. Ours aren't.
The typical 12x12" platform scale can overstate the weight of each plant by up to 400g.
This is because the center of mass of the plant is not close enough to the center of the scale.

Our Legal for Trade, NTEP certified 24x36" platform is 6x larger, ensuring that each measurement is accurate.


Legal for Trade, NTEP Certified, and Metrc integrated. Our smart weighing platform checks all the boxes.
State and County regulators will have to find other things to complain about.


41 in (L) x 24 in (W) x 41 in (H)


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