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A simple solution for a complex problem:

The solution is simple, fast and effective, here's one of our clients plowing through their compliance like never before.


Harvest and submit your fully compliant data to Metrc in 6 easy steps:

We don't mess around, we cut to the chase and make it simple to harvest in the shortest amount of time with a few easy steps using an interface in both English and Spanish!

  1. Choose wet or dry weight
  2. Choose the room you're in
  3. Weigh plants
    • You literally just put the plant on the scale and wait for a beep, then take it off. (continue until all your plants are beeped through)
    • No Wifi, internet or power outlets required!!!
  4. Upload to USB (one button)
  5. Edit any information in our web app that has been flagged.
  6. Upload to metric and find something else to do with the hours you'll be saving

A harvest that used to take 48 hours to weigh and document, now will take you only 8 hours. It's just that fast.


Book a demo and see for yourself how amazing the solution is:

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