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Q1. How fast is the WayFast scale?

A. Erenyx has developed the fastest legal scale on the market that can harvest approximately 1,500 plants per hour accurately. No gimmicks, it just works.

Q2. Is the scale certified?

A. The scale is Legal for Trade and NTEP certified.

Q3. Do you integrate with Metrc?

A. Our software will export a file after you approve the data and allow you upload directly to Metrc.

Q4. Do you need power to operate the WayFast Scale?

A. You can choose to upgrade to a battery powered model that can harvest for a full day without needing to be plugged in!

Q5. What if I don't want to upgrade to battery power?

A. If your power is spotty and you experience a brown out during a harvest, the WayFast automatically saves you last recorded entry. No need to worry, you can pick up where you left off!

Q6. Do you need internet to operate the scale?

A. Nope! We've designed the WayFast for every possible use case. Power runs out? Your data is safe. No internet? no problem!

Q7. Do you need a phone to operate the WayFast Scale?

A. Nope! We keep things simple. Needing a phone, and internet signal and not running out of batteries can lead to a lot of headaches. So we remove those headaches from the equation.

Q8. What languages does your platform support?

A. Our interface allows you to choose between English and Spanish.

Q9. How do I upload my harvest to Metrc?

A. Super simple. Our software will give you a csv file that you can upload to Metrc after giving you the opportunity to review and approve.

Q10. Are there any recurring costs after I buy my WayFast scales?

A. Yes. The cost is $100 per month or $1000 per year. The cost is flat on a per facility basis and includes unlimited harvests and units used in your facility.
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